Violet Fire
By Simon Kehinde 



Excerpt: From Beloved Saint Germain! Sacred Fire of Freedom-FREEDOM from all that would bind man to the forces of astral darkness.

It took six hundred years to bring It forth, and I did not bring It forth for It to be left unused. Treat It as you would water. It needs cleaning up, and to do this ‘housecleaning’ you use the Violet Fire-not in spasmodic moments of impulse but in constant rhythmic application combined with feeling.

Nothing else is as effective in erasing past mistakes, and misqualified energy, as the Violet Fire. This is why I brought It forth...for without having a means to clean up mankind’s creation this Earth would never realize Her long-awaited goal of Ascension into the Light of a new orbit closer to Her God-Parents, just as you are drawing ever closer to yours. To clean up centuries of accumulated human ‘trash’ (or refuse, if you will) requires that you put it in a place where it can no longer affect those who live here on the Planet. Well...We certainly don’t want it, and I know that you don’t either! And so it has to be transformed (or transmuted) into a substance which We can accept in other Realms, restoring it once again to good, clean be returned to you yet again, from the Godhead, in the hope that this time you will not misqualify it as before with the wrong form of creative power.